This Artwork Is Always On Sale

"TAIAOS is a unique, rare digital artwork that is always on sale. It can bought at any time by anyone, because the owner must always specify a price they are willing to sell it at. Through this always-on auction, it supports the artist by requiring the owner to pay a 5% pa patronage towards the artist at their self-specified price. If the owner does not pay required patronage, it can be foreclosed by a digital steward for safekeeping.

The scarcity of the digital artwork, its always-on auction & management of patronage towards the artist is all enabled through blockchain smart contracts on Ethereum.

In order to buy this rare, digital artwork, you have to have Ether cryptocurrency and an Ethereum-enabled browser. Once bought, it is a collectible and viewable in any supported browser."

Rest of the article can be found on the link.

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