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Ol-kolektiv is a human-centered collective for all the creatives disregarding any sex, gender, race or culture. Blending the Turkish-English combo, ol-kolektiv stands for "all collective" meaning "all-race/sexual orientation/color/culture/creatives collective".

Originally based in Istanbul, Turkey, ol-kolektive extends its borders through the globe as a a cyber community to support all kinds of creatives & aims to give voice to any type of young creatives.

We would like to build meaningful connections through the agency of art & creativity. Our aim is to spread love, create collective spirit and mindful interactions. Whether you are a small business owner or a contemporary artist, we welcome "ALL" types of creatives in order to generate a collective spirit. If you are a creative individual and would like to connect with other amazing humans, this is your space to speak, act & empower.

We support any young creatives to connect with each other. What we dream is more than a platform where every individual is heard & seen. We care about you, what you do & how you express yourself. We offer you a safe space where you can raise yourself as much as others.

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